In the coming months, Startup Oman’s resourceful team of volunteers will be working to create Oman’s first searchable funding database. Our database will help you identify which of Oman’s many SME funding programs is right for you and will guide you through the application process.


Private equity is another option for financing your venture. Return to this space often as we get ready to unveil Oman's first Angel Investor Network.

It is a members-only organization of accredited investors seeking investment opportunities in promising, early-stage businesses.

In addition to financial support, SAN members provide dynamic early-stage companies with valuable mentorship and access to capital networks. It is this priceless assistance that facilitates learning, networking, and growth.

In short, SAN provides its members with opportunities to increase their exposure to quality pre-screened companies seeking capital and gives them the opportunity to expand their network of like-minded investors.  SAN helps accelerate companies into becoming market leaders in their industry by bringing together investment, experience and knowledge.