Walaa Hamdan to join Startup Oman!!

The New Year is a time when we take stock of where we are in life. New Year's resolutions are a great way of focusing on positive action. 


Startup Oman is embracing the spirit of positive change by announcing that effective Dec. 15th, Managing Partner Sherry Colbourne will step aside to make way for incoming General Manager, Walaa Hamdan. Although Sherry is returning to her home after four great years in Oman, she is not abandoning her interests in Startup Oman. As co-founder, Sherry will continue to keep a watchful eye on Startup Oman and hopes to bring some Canadian synergies to the Sultanate's thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem. As a result of Sherry's return to Canada, she will step into the role of President & CEO of Spark Centre (www.sparkcentre.org).


While we are obviously sad to see Sherry go, we are super jazzed to be welcoming Walaa Hamdan to Startup Oman. You may recognize Walaa...she is not new to the Sultanate. Walaa is an "ex" AIESECer and has spent a considerable amount of time developing her skills as a sustainability and entrepreneurship expert. With 10+ years of professional and voluntary experience working in Jordan and Oman, Walaa will bring a fresh approach to Startup Oman. She holds a Master's degree in Technology Entrepreneurship from the University of Maryland, and has worked in AIESEC Oman, Origin Communications, Entrepreneurs' Organization, and her own social business, CSR Watch Jordan.


Welcome Walaa or get in touch with her on: walaa@startupoman.om