Building a world-class ecosystem that supports companies at all stages of their growth might be considered by some to be an audacious task. At Startup Oman, we believe anything is possible when a community gets behind an idea.

Nobody understands entrepreneurs better than other entrepreneurs! Which is why we’re co-creating Oman’s entrepreneurial ecosystem with the help of Oman’s existing incubators, education partners, business professionals, government supporters, thought leaders, financial partners, investors, marketers, legal counsel and service providers. If you belong to this community of stakeholders, we need YOU!

Join us in the Startup Oman community and help us innovate, create and develop the next generation of businesses that will accelerate Oman forward.  Bring us your talent. We’ll help you touch the lives of SMEs throughout the Sultanate and make you part of this great success story.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Looking to take the driver’s seat in Oman’s entrepreneurial ecosystem? There are so many reasons to consider sponsorship opportunities!

Is your company seeking a unique way to:

  • Increase your profile?
  • Connect with Oman’s business leaders?
  • Market products and services?
  • Broaden your professional networks?
  • Communicate a commitment to Startup Oman’s constituency?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then you should consider becoming a Startup Oman sponsor. With a wide variety of opportunities available to you, a Startup Oman sponsorship is the ideal way to get the right message to the right people. If your target is the entrepreneurial and business community of Oman, there is no better source or opportunity.

For information about the many sponsorship opportunities available with Startup Oman, contact us here.

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