Startup Oman is the Home of Entrepreneurship in Oman!

We are on a mission to bring Oman's entire ecosystem together in one community. So that together we can learn, innovate and create the technologies and talents that will accelerate Oman forward.

We believe that an organization with this audacious a mandate must be founder led...nobody understands entrepreneurs better than other entrepreneurs. But we know that to be successful, we need a community around us. A community made up of incubators, education partners, business professionals, government supporters, thought leaders, financial partners, investors, marketers, legal counsel and support services. 

We also believe that it takes a community to raise an entrepreneur. Our vision is to create the next generation of entrepreneurs and build a world-class ecosystem that supports companies at all stages of their growth and development—from startups to rapidly-growing mid-size companies, and large global players—to create greater numbers of successful global businesses for Oman.

Meet the team behind Startup Oman!